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Make a difference and replace the plastic sponges into an organic and sustainable alternative: TOOCKIES scrubbers are made of raw, GOTS certified organic cotton and natural jute plant fibers, they have an abrasive effect equivalent to the tough and the mild side of the usual plastic sponge and are very long lasting. They do pots and pans, sinks and potatoes, bathrooms and chalkmarks, you name it. All without scratching! They are handmade under FAIRTRADE conditions by one of 50 women in Ujan near Kolkata and on the packaging you find a label with the name of one of the knitters. If you go to the mentioned link you can look her up. The cloths are very longlasting , even though you wash them again and again on any degree you want. You can also tumble dry. When the cloths eventually one day need to be replaced you can cut them up and mix them into your potting mesh or leave them to compost on the compostheap. TOOCKIES SCRUBBERS considers all ethical aspects by being organic, Fairtrade and sustainable from cradle to cradle. Size: APPROX 19×19 CM

Toockies Scrubby