The Lavinia Toockies scrubbers (organic cotton scrubber and organic jute scrubber) are a fantastic plastic-free alternative to the usual plastic sponge or plastic scourer. They are also non abrasive and non scratching. Typically you use them on pots, pans and sinks. However, you can also use them in your bathroom or even to clean your vegetables. Besides, by using the Lavinia scrubbers you are supporting the Toockies fairtrade project and therefore Indian women.Choice of 1 organic cotton scrubber or cotton clothGOTS certified organic cotton and plant fibres.The cloths are very durable and machine washable.Toockies scrubbers are made of raw and untreated plant materials, and is therefore compostable and biodegradableThese products are handmade under FAIRTRADE conditions near Kolkata in India. Each product has the name of the knitter attached All products are not tested on animalsveganToockies Scrubbers considers all ethical aspects by being organic, Fairtrade and sustainable from cradle to cradle.Size: APPROX 19 x 19 CM

Toockies Handknit Cloth

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