Note: dark hair is currently in stock and light hair is available for pre-order. Pre-orders will ship at the latest on April 24. Removing grease is a breeze with our brush out formula and you’ll love the results. Our unique blend of clays and natural powders give you the opportunity to go another day without washing your hair. By swapping three showers a week to dry shampoo, you’ll be saving 7,800 litres of water a year!Made specifically for your hair. Choose for either Light Hair Tones or Dark Hair Tones with our Organic Dry Shampoo range. Our all-natural formula absorbs excess oils from the scalp. Revived and refresh hair in between washes has never been so easy. Pure plant magic. We’ve mixed plant powders, clays and a unique blend of Grapefruit and Lime organic essential oils. This plant potion will leave your hair feeling revitalised and smelling great.Our dry shampoo is loved by everyone. It can be used to refresh your ‘do’, give extra volume and is perfect for festivals, travelling, camping and no shower days. Sustainable, refillable packaging. Look after it and your tin will last for life. How to use	Shake some of the powder into the palm of your hand.	Apply to your scalp and roots of your hair.	Massage in and leave for 30 seconds (this allows the shampoo to absorb excess moisture).	Brush through thoroughly to remove excess powder.	Time to style! A little bit goes a long way so start small and add more as needed.	When empty please refill or recycle the tin.

Dry Shampoo