Raga Rub is Karma Klay's original scent. A beautiful balance between the fresh sweetness of lemongrass and the boldness of cedarwood. All Karma Klay products consist of a blend of natural and unrefined butters, oils and earthen clay to keep B.O at bay. 


How To Use: Using your finger, scoop out a bean-sized amount of Karma Klay and apply to clean fresh skin until it has fully absorbed. 


To ensure longevity, store in a cool, dry place. 

Typically lasts between 12-24 hours and comes in a handy 60g tin so you can keep smelling good on the go!


- aluminium free

- zero waste & refill friendly

- vegan

- cruelty free

- dermatologically certified 


Deodorant Tin - Karma Klay

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