Our Top 5 Plastic Free Alternatives of 2023

If you are looking to be more eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment then you have come to the right place. At Do Your Bit we have been doing the research and finding the perfect plastic free options for our customers for 5 years! We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start eliminating plastic from our lives so we've got your back. Read on to get the inside scoop to our top 5 plastic free alternatives specifically in bath & body care.
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1. Shampoo Bars
Our shampoo bars our best selling products every month because once our customers try them they always reorder. They are a shampoo & conditioner into one so you are saving so many plastic bottles! They last months, really lather up and are totally safe for colour treated hair. Make the switch here!
2. Handmade Soap Bars
Yes, soap bars are back in style because there is no need for plastic body wash bottles when you can get gorgeous smelling soaps. You waste far less when you use a bar and you are paying for good ingredients! Liquid body soap is mainly water so this swap will save you money and with every purchase you are supporting two female owned small businesses! Check out our plastic free alternatives to body wash here.
3. Toxic Free Deodorants
Most store bought deodorants are not only in plastic packaging but their ingredients are also a big one to eliminate from your lifestyle. Kutis deodorants are handmade in Wales and are also a female owned business. They even have an option for those with sensitive skin! If that's you then check out the bicarb free formula!
4. Natural Toothpaste
Our favourite brand is the multi award winning Truthpaste! Their unique formulas are created for your teeth but also for your overall oral health including soothing your gums and keeping your breath nice and fresh. Adult and kids flavours available here.
Natural Toothpaste
5. Bamboo Toothbrushes
Whether you use regular or electric toothbrush we have plastic free alternatives for you! Our bamboo toothbrushes can be put in your garden waste bin or home composted when you are done with them. Just pull out the bristles first or snap the head off before composting and viola you have now saved so much plastic from something you use everyday!
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