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A little bit about Do Your Bit

It is so lovely to see you here on our website! If you are reading this it means that you are taking time to learn about plastic free alternatives and that really warms my heart. 

PS I'm Kellie, the lover of green on the left in the photo. 

I have been involved with DYB since 2018 helping run the stall at local markets across Northern Ireland. I personally wish I had been born before plastic was ever created but I also believe I was put here in this time and age to be a beacon of hope for a world with less plastic. 

I recently became the new owner of DYB in 2021 and I plan to carry on the legacy with as much enthusiasm as Teal, the founder of DYB.  

Kellie & Teal.jpg

Now to honor the legend who started Do Your Bit in 2017, Teal McGurk (featured on the right).


The idea for DoYourBit started back in 2016 on holidays in Prague when I first came upon the whole 'zero waste' concept. It intrigued me - no waste, really? Well, long story short my husband and I planned to return home and start making organic produce bags to help people reduce the need for plastic bags when buying things like fruit and vegetables or bulk food.

"There's no such thing as perfection but if we're all aware of the issues & doing our bit when we can, then that's one heck of a good thing if you ask me"

Teal x

The DYB Produce Bag was the first product here. Handmade by Founders Teal & David McGurk.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that's it's all about progress over perfection.


It's not about being perfect but about making small OR big changes within our means so we can to leave a lighter footprint on this place we call home.


Our Goal:

To offer as many plastic free options all whilst keeping postage as low as possible because let's face it, sometimes we pay extra courier because we're not part of mainland.

So here's to everyone doing THEIR bit!

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