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The idea for DoYourBit started back in 2016 on holidays in Prague when I first came upon the whole 'zero waste' concept. It intrigued me - no waste, really? Well, long story short my husband and I planned to return home and start making organic produce bags to help people reduce the need for plastic bags when buying things like fruit and vegetables or bulk food.

We first tried buying some for ourselves yet the only place to get them was online from China, India or as far as Australia which seemed a bit crazy. In many cases they were unethically produced at the cheapest price possible while probably exploiting the workers and to reduce waste yet require a product to be shipped that far, how could there not be a more local option in the UK? 

So why DoYourBit? Well, in my opinion it's time N.Ireland has options of it's own. I believe that's it's all about progress over perfection. It's not about being perfect but about making small OR big changes within our means so we can to leave a lighter footprint on this place we call home.


My goal is to offer as many plastic free options as possible all while keeping postage as low as possible because let's face it, sometimes we pay extra courier because we're not part of mainland. As well as selling here, I'll be popping up at local markets around the country so keep an eye out on here or on our Instagram page. You can have it shipped to your house, you can collect at my home if you're close to Bangor or message me and I'd be happy to meet you somewhere close by for collection as well.

So here's to everyone doing THEIR bit!

Teal x

See now I've always been passionate or conscious about the impact on the environment you could say. I'm from Canada and grew up spending my summers camping where it's kind of a known rule that you never leave your rubbish behind. I also became interested in recycling from a pretty early age and encouraged my family to do so as well. More recently though, I've learnt that recycling isn't the answer as half the stuff doesn't get recycled as we think anyways! 

So, when I moved to Northern Ireland about 4 years ago I was kind of shocked at how behind it was in terms of waste. All fruit and veggies were plastic wrapped when they really don't need to be - I mean bananas, really? They have their own protection. Now the past few years it has gotten better but there's so much improvement to be made. When visiting Tesco or Asda, I always try to buy the loose options if possible but I also buy my olive oil in a glass container that can be repurposed vs. the plastic disposable one. It's all small changes but they certainly make a difference!



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